Tips and tricks to improve your horse’s training

Horse training sounds like pure adventure, excitement and fun to everyone, which it certainly is, but there is so much more to that. Successful taming and training of these beautiful animals requires specific bonding between jockey and a horse, dedication, caring, knowledge, skills and experience. Whether you are training your horse recreationally or with ambitious plans for horse racing, here are some useful tips on how to improve your training, achieve continuous progress and finally see some spectacular results.

Take it easy and slowly

When engaging into horse training, usually in order to take part in various horse races later, most inexperienced jockeys get obsessed with time and speed, which is wrong. Two first steps you have to complete to establish a solid foundation for advanced training include creation of strong bond and trust between your horse and yourself and taking time to thoroughly go through every phase of training. Speed will naturally come as a result. To gain your horse’s trust and convince him to relax with you, spend time with the animal, feed him, groom, and take walks regardless of the training. When it comes to the mere training, do not skip steps, and repeat them as much as it takes until both of you master a given skill. This might seem too slow for your patience, but this is the only way to progress steadily without mistakes and need to review previous phases of training.

Set clear goals

Some people train their horse with a plan to simply take a ride trips with them, while other train the particularly for horse racing or other sport events. This imposes completely different training and schedules of training phases. Thus, in order to make true advance and progress with your horse’s training, you should be clear with your own goals and plans. Clarify the plan and divide it into steps. Try to be precise and anticipate the required steps. If it takes, consult the experts and make your horse go through common dressage training before imposing particular expectations of him and yourself.

Keep a record of your progress

We know from experience collected over several years working with horseriders, that it’s an advantage to keep track of both your goals and progress. We encourage both new riders and veterans of the field to make a habit out of keeping a diary with your growth as an equestrian. In our beginner’s package include an a5 notebook from one of the club sponsors free of charge. There are also a lot of devices that can help you keep track of your training and progress. Read more about m2m vs iot, that is the technology what makes machines smart to track your progress.  

Persistence, knowledge and fun

Bare in mind that taming and training of a horse isn’t a short-distance race and it will require a lot of patience, persistence and skilled interventions. Do not skip adequate preparations for every training in order to avoid injuries of both of you. Never neglect basic condition trainings to get overwhelmed with particular skills and tasks. Try to always be a team with your horse instead of acting like a master of it, but still keep the control over the ride. Finally, no success or prize will substitute the lack of enjoyment and pure fun, so don’t get obsessed with continuous progress that will cost you the enjoyment.