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Beris Butterfly Weymouth

The Weymouth - As the key part of the double bridle set, the Ported Dressage Weymouth works well for a horse moving into the double bridle for the first time.

This reduced pressure allows room for the Bradoon to sit neatly behind keeping the pressures clear, non-complicated and minimal conflict between the two.

Available in two shank lengths, although the 7cm shank has the greater amount of leverage the 5cm would receive a quicker reaction.

The Butterfly mouthpiece - is an total innovation with regards of mouthpieces.

The anatomically correct form combined with a broader bearing surface in the area of the tongue, which offers this important and sensitive muscle, optimal space with a very soft influence at the same time.

The horse shows their well being with more chewing activity and an increased acceptance of the bit.





sizes (mm)


10266-5 Butterfly Weymouth 5cm 120, 130, 140 S, H
10266-7 Butterfly Weymouth 7cm 120, 130, 140 S, H