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Beris Butterfly Balding Gag

The Balding Gag - Recommended to be used with two reins. The second running rein causes a tipping effect of the bit whilst moving the mouthpiece back to the edge of the mouth. This means a stronger effect on the lip, upper bar as well as the tongue. Useful to improve the outline and add additional brakes, working well for horses that tend to lean on the bit, fall on the forehand or need to reach a higher collection.
The Balding loose ring cheek, allows a two-stage pressure action.

The Butterfly mouthpiece - is an total innovation with regards of mouthpieces.

The anatomically correct form combined with a broader bearing surface in the area of the tongue, which offers this important and sensitive muscle, optimal space with a very soft influence at the same time.

The horse shows their well being with more chewing activity and an increased acceptance of the bit.





sizes (mm)


10258 Butterfly Balding Gag   120, 130, 140 S, H