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  • 3 Ring Eggbutt Mullen Gag
  • 3 Ring Butterfly Gag
  • 3 Ring Ported Gag


Beris 3 Ring Gag

The 3 Ring Gag - Combines effective lateral restriction, leverage and collection assistance in one bit. The level of control can be chosen with the use of the different ring options. This changes the length of the curb or leverage on the bit. The 3-ring bit is often used to test the horse's reaction to curb bits. When used with a second rein, it is comparable to a regular eggbutt or loose ring snaffle.

The fixed cheek option of the eggbutt gag gives a more direct action than its loose ring sibling.

A Curb strap can be fitted to the upper bridle ring to add more chin pressure whilst reducing the amount of poll pressure, helping to sit the horse up more into a fence.






sizes (mm)


10240 3 Ring Eggbutt Gag   120, 130, 140 S, M, H
10257 3 Ring Butterfly Gag   120, 130, 140 S, H
10239 3 Ring Ported Gag   120, 130, 140 S, H