Horse Bits

Bits are the essential part of accessories and horse’s equipment with extremely important function in horse’s cooperation and control…

Horse’s Training

Horse training sounds like pure adventure, excitement and fun to everyone, which it certainly is, but there is so much more to that.

Dangers and Safety

Horse riding and especially horse training for various races tend to be risky activity and impose both you and your horse to many potentially…

Types of horse racing



Flat racing

Flat horse races are the most popular type of horse races among the audience and betters as well. The pace is flat surface of various kind and various length. Depending on the length of the trace, stamina or speed of the horse may be the critical trait.

Jump racing

This type of horse racing is particularly challenging to people betting onto horse races, since abilities of the horse count as much as the skills of a jockey here. The trace has various obstacles placed along the path and overcoming them without losing speed or balance is a true challenge. 

Endurance racing

Unlike majority of other horse racing types, this one isn’t about the speed. As the name says, the endurance is what counts, since horses run longer paces and the whole race lasts significantly longer. It’s something similar to marathon among people.

Harness racing

This type of racing loads horses with more than just a jockey. The jockey is sitting at the so – called “sulky”, a two-wheeled horse-drawn vehicle and the goal is to achieve the best speed down a give pace by following some additional rules of galloping.

All about Bits

Horse owners and jockey have a hard time choosing perfect model of bits for their horses, since current market offer is rich and diverse and each horse adapts to different model. When looking for the best bits, a lot of aspect have to be considered, including material, type of bits, function, purpose and price.

The Beris range is a high quality, non-metal bit brand that comfortably fills a gap in the British lorinery market. Offering a full range of Mullen and Ported mouthed Snaffles, Full Cheeks, Gags, Pelhams, and Tandem bits plus the popular Curb Gag design. Beris will soon be a leader thanks to its quality, availability and performance not to mention a price. Made from high quality materials enabling your horse to remain comfortable in his mouth whilst producing a tension free outline in whatever his sphere.

Some parts of the Beris Bits was sponsored by a mobile casino in the UK. In the beginning it was hard to get funding but after some calls we got together and found a company that helped us.


 4 Most Popular Horse Breeds in the World

Arabian horses

Arabian horses

This breed is probably the oldest known breed and it’s been popular worldwide for years. It originates from Arabian Peninsula. It has outstanding head shape and remarkable tall tail, while the color varies. Arabian horses are highly appreciated and engaged in various races.

Morgan horses

Morgan horses

Another pretty old and well studied breed originating from United States. This breed is used in many types of racing today, but mostly in western disciplines. It has somewhat smaller stature compared to some other breeds, but it is highly versatile, easy for taiming, brave and generous.

Thoroughbred horse

Thoroughbred horse

Even if you are completely new the world of horses, you’ve probably seen this breed before. Thoroughbred horse originates from England and it’s being engaged nowadays in many sport disciplines, as well as in hunting and riding. It’s elegant, noble and docile.

Quarter Horses

Quarter Horses

Quarters are the most popular horses in United States, but equally appreciated in other countries. They have impressive stature and body contours, but their reputation labels them as the fastest breed over short paces. Used in various horse racing, hunting and other sport events.